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Our First Decade

We are turning 10! And in technology and design years, that is a lot. After all, we are older than the iPhone, as mature as Twitter and TED and definitely pre-date Unicorns (at least the tech variety).

To celebrate, between now and the end of the year, we will revisit what defines who we are—our people, our work and ideas, and our commitment to constantly change for the better. We call this our A10 campaign. Check back often for:

  • Fun profiles of the characters that make us who we are.
  • Updates on how some of our most innovative ideas and projects withstood the test of times (or not).
  • Lessons learned about running building a thriving business, working with some of the most innovative companies we are proud to call clients, and creating the environment where change not only happens but is welcome.
  • Ideas for what we hope the future will hold for us, for our industry, for our clients and partners. And how we plan to get there.

Head to our A10 page for the latest or see the related posts below. And remember, it’s not wrinkles, it is smile lines.