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Our Pledge for 2017

Dear friends,

The end of the year is a time of reflection and appreciation. This is true more than ever before.  Not only because we wrapped up our first decade as a company (thank you for celebrating with us), but because we have been compelled to think about what we stand for.

What we stand for has not changed. From day one of Artefact, we have believed that it is our responsibility as designers to create a better future through our thinking and our work. What has changed is that more than ever before, creating a better future depends not only on our design skills. It depends on each one of us, individually, being the best human beings we can be.

We hope you join us as we take this simple pledge for 2017: 

  • Let’s never lose sight of our shared humanity.
  • Let’s channel our creativity to make a difference. 
  • Let’s do and be the best we can.

Happy 2017!